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Mailman 3 comes with a shell that allows to work directly on a list from Python's REPL. Use it wisely.


Change the default max email size

At time of writing Mailman 3.1.1 suffers from several bugs and incomplete API features and interfacing from Postorius, that prevent changing the default super tiny max email size limit of 40K. That can be a problem as some emails, specifically piece of crap bloated HTML newsletters, easily go beyond this limit. More problematic, sharing files, even small files is just impossible. Starting with Mailman 3.2.x it will be possible to change the max size limit directly from the web interface (right now it does nothing). But for now, this is only possible via the Mailman 3 shell:

  • become the mailman
su mailman
  • go home (important!)
  • start the shell with the list, the settings of which you want to edit:
mailman withlist
  • assign new value to max_message_size. Each unit is 1024 bytes, so 500K would be simply
m.max_message_size = 500
  • quit the shell
exit()  # or Ctrl-D
  • Done! Enjoy your mailchimp forwards!