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What is the Homebrew Server Club?

The homebrewserver.club is part of a larger DIY self-hosting movement whereby people endeavour to host on-line services such as websites, mail, calendars and chat applications themselves.

They do so in order to avoid reliance on the corporate services of centralised service providers, with all the consequences that arise.

Unlike many in the self-hosting movement, the homebrewserver.club takes the 'home' in homebrew literally and the 'self' in self-hosting figuratively.

That means we try to host from our homes rather than from data centers and for and with our communities rather than just ourselves.

We do this from an understanding that paying for a home internet subscription means you can also use that to host things on-line and that learning and discussing things together makes more sense than doing it alone.

You can find us and get in touch on the following channels:

Current Documentation Projects

Links to topics/themes explored by HBSC members. When a project reaches some maturity we publish it there https://homebrewserver.club/